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Welcome To My Hit Fit

My Hit Fit offers a wide variety of fitness concepts. We specialize in Weight Loss, Bootcamps, Cross Training, Personal Training, Small groups, Special Populations, Massage, Injury prevention, Health risk reduction, and Performance Improvement. Our passion is to provide you with a complete health experience.

Here at MyHitFit we pride ourselves on our supportive and welcoming community. We work with you to have a fun exciting experience while conquering your goals. We want to help you get to where you want to be, and we will. What are you waiting for? Come join us at any of our Houston or San Antonio locations!

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What is My Hit Fit

Get leaner and stronger
Feel more positive and energetic
Reduce injury, illness and disease
Improve performance at chosen sport(s)

Learn about My Hit Fit
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Why My Hit Fit

World-class, passionate coaches
Life-changing programs
Welcoming and motivational atmosphere
State-of-the-art facilities

Meet Our Coaches
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Friendly, accessible beginner program
Small group classes w/ expert coaching
Convenient schedule

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Recent Posts

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  • If you have minor body pains, I would highly recommended Jared Harrison and the hit fit team and their physical therapy services. 7 months ago in another boot camp I injured my left knee. I could barely walk for 5 days. The previous boot camp instructor told me to ice it, take medication, elevate it and rest. The swelling in my knee went down, but it was still aching and limiting my ability for physical activities I once enjoyed and completing daily tasks. I few months later I began participating in the hit fit boot camp. The first day I started Jared and Marcus asked about any previous injures and gave me modifications for any exercises that hurt my knee. After a few weeks of boot camp with my knee still giving me problems, Jared asked if I would be willing to meet with him for a physical therapy session where he could analyse my knee and find out why it is still sore. I am happy to admit that after 1 physical therapy session, Jared identified the problem, which was totally different than I thought, and my knee pain is alleviated! Jared gave me exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knee and to take away the strain from the injury. I am so pleased with his services and knowledge and that I am back to my old self again!

    M. Williams.
  • Prior to joining Hit Fit, I always had a problem breaking through that plateau that everyone encounters in their weight loss journey. When I started with Hit Fit in April of 2011, I was fluctuating from 190-195 lbs. With the help of Hit Fit, I was able to blast through that plateau and get down to 170 lbs in 3 months! Their knowledge and enthusiasm are really motivating, and the group workout setting is helpful because everybody pushes each other. Jared and Marcus’ training styles are different but compliment each other so much that you could go every day and expect a new workout routine without ever getting bored. Speaking of going every day, whether you are a morning person or an evening person, there is always a convenient boot camp time for you. For the price, you cannot beat it anywhere in town because the great thing about it is that it gives you unlimited boot camp classes! I would recommend Hit Fit to anyone, whether you are just starting to work out or someone who is a fitness junkie, because Hit Fit will help you get to whatever goal you are trying to achieve.

  • I never thought I could be outdoors in the beating Houston summer heat, working out, and I did it. I never thought I could hold up for 45 minutes straight of this type of workout, and to my surprise, I did it to a certain extent several times per week. I have never broke a sweat that much until the 2 months I spent working out at Hit Fit. I lost 13 lbs and I have nothing but the best remarks and feedback towards HIT FIT Boot camps.

    Laura S.
  • Chiropractor I never really liked working out as it was extremely difficult to get motivated as well as find the time to do it. Even having a gym membership didn’t help as they are always crowded and can be non-motivating. After signing up with Jared with Hit Fit I have a different attitude toward exercising. I like how Jared takes a very targeted approach towards helping me achieve my personal fitness goals both by crafting a specific regime for me as well as helping me plan my diet. Jared is awesome by not just focusing on the resistance part of the workout, but also on cardio, posture, breathing techniques, rest and stretching which are essential in order to maximize results. I highly recommend trying out Jared with Hit Fit.

  • Weight-training with Jared was fun and he was always on time and prepared. But the best thing was that once I hit 35, running 15 to 20 miles was not keeping the weight off and by 37 I had put on nearly 15 pounds while running. Jared developed a diet for me that would work with my slow metabolism, we added weight training and in 16 weeks I had lost the 15 pounds and felt great. Two years later, I’m still using his techniques and have kept the weight off.

    Amy Savage.
  • I have been working out with Jared since before he started HIT FIT. He helped me through a 90 pound weight loss and has been able to help get me into a regular exercise routine while still accommodating some preexisting medical conditions and major surgery . I feel good, I look good. Jared has been a key part of that.

    Eileen Pearlman.
  •   I have been training with Jared for over a year now and I have lost weight, increased my energy levels, and increased my strength. Jared constantly teaches me new ideas and techniques during our sessions. Working with Jared has been my best experience with a trainer and I recommend him to all of my friends.

    Irina Taylor.
  • I lost 8 lbs. during my first month of Bootcamp! The classes are great and so are the instructors!

    Lupe S.
  • I've tried several boot camps and have definitely learned that some are more effective than others. Of the different camps I've tried, HIT FIT is by far the best! Jared creates intense and fun exercises and really motivates everyone to participate and enjoy themselves. Each class is different, so the work-outs never get boring. I've signed up automatic payments and intend to continue going to HIT FIT to reach my fitness goals!

    Jessica Bruzas.
  • Hit Fit is the best boot camp! I've tried others and was not motivated to continue. I've been attending Hit Foot boot camp classes weekly for almost a year and I still love it. Each class is a good mixture of cardio and strength training and still challenging after almost a year. They have plenty of class times and great prices too.

    Olivia Torres.
  • Hit Fit is hands down the best boot camp in town. You can't beat the price for the unlimited classes and the instructors are the best. Each class is different and they ensure you are getting a total body workout. I have gotten in great shape by coming to this boot camp - you will notice an increase in your strength and aerobic abilities in just the first couple weeks, it's great!

    Katie Penca.
  • I started attending morning boot camp classes at Spotts Park almost a year ago, and I absolutely love it! The best thing about HIT FIT is the convenience (class times, locations, etc.). We use body weight for most of the exercises, but the instructors occasionally bring kettle bells, rope, and/or weights which help to change it up. Each class is totally different, and the instructors are great about offering modifications for beginners. Forty-five minutes is all it takes to get a full body workout, and I love how easy it is to fit into my day!

    Megan Hayes.
  • I work out at the Tom Bass location and I absolutely love it! Valerie is an amazing, knowledgeable, personable trainer. It is a non stop workout with a great calorie burn. The price is great and I have always had a great experience. I would definitely recommend Hit Fit!

  • This is the best workout I've ever had! Such a great way to start the day. The Spotts Park location is awesome!! Go try it!

    Rene Lymberopoulos.
  • I have been a Hit Fit member for two years now. I love how each day is a different and fun boot camp experience. The instructors (who are all wonderful) will modify workouts based on your ability level or if you have any recent injuries. They offer so many classes and locations that can fit around everyone's busy schedule. Best boot camp in Houston!

    Joanne Baptista.
  • Thanks to HIT FIT I ran the 2014 Houston Half Marathon in under 2 hours! I never thought I would do that. Fifth year and I got a MINUTE faster without knowing it. Gotta credit the great HIT FIT boot camp at Spotts Park where I have been going 2x a week for almost 2 years. I love the EARLY AM and Sat classes. The instructors do a great job of adapting for all levels. They lead/push in a nice way and it helps to work out with others who are faster and stronger and beginners too. Also enjoy using the hills and all the space at Spotts Park for workouts that I would not do on my own. It balances running 1-2x per week to keep me healthy and injury free! And the price seals the deal since I travel for work and am not able to go more often.

    Tammira Philippe.
  • We have been taking classes with Hit Fit, from several different trainers over the past few years and couldn't be happier. The trainers are always professional and attentive to our needs and seem sincere about improving our fitness and health.

    Jay Burgess.
  • My roommate and I do HIT FIT on Mon/Wed/Friday mornings and it is a great way to start your morning! The trainers are awesome and let you perform all the routines at your own pace. If you are super fast or just a beginner you will gain something from going.

    Alyssa Wisnoski.
  • I recommend Hit Fit for anyone looking to spice up their workout routine or for anyone who has a hard time self motivating. I don't get a lot out of going to the gym because I get bored, however, I have never been bored in a Hit Fit class. Before I found Hit Fit, I had used a Groupon for a competitors bootcamp. The difference between the two bootcamps was amazing. I never worked up a sweat the way I do in Hit Fit's - mainly because you aren't stuck waiting around for the slowest person to finish a task. The instructors make sure you are always moving - no matter what your fitness level is. You cannot find a cheaper bootcamp in Houston.

    Kelley Reid.
  • Hit Fit is the best bootcamp in Houston, hands down.. You won't find a better cost for what you get, which is an intense 45 min workout, multiple locations, and the best trainers. Jared and his team are encouraging (no crazy yelling or chants that camps do), and they also teach the correct exercises to prevent injuries. I recommend them for anyone who wants to try bootcamp or personal training.

    Bonnie Nobles.
  • I would recommend Hit Fit to anyone that is looking to get in shape but like me does not want to be stuck with a boring gym membership. Working out in a bootcamp is more fun, you get to make new friends and try to keep up with other people rather than working out alone. If working out in the evening is too hot hit fit has morning classes and at different locations. I have really noticed that working out 45min per day has helped me stay more active and lets me do more with my time. I like working out instead of sitting home and watching TV or rushing to the bar for a drink. I was recently at our out of town offices and the people there kept commenting how great I looked. I will definitely continue to attend Hit Fit.

    Francisco Morales.
  • Simply the best boot camp available in Houston. Intense 45 minute workout will challenge your whole body. And at $40/month there is no better bang for the buck. HIT FIT rocks!

    Brian Potter.
  • Just started these bootcamp classes a few weeks ago and LOVE it, just sad my schedule doesn't allow me to go more often but I'm trying! The classes in Pearland w/ Valerie are awesome!!! So glad I started going!! 1-2-3 get healthy!!!!! Mindy

    Mindy D.
  • I've tried several boot camps and have definitely learned that some are more effective than others. Of the different camps I've tried, HIT FIT is by far the best! Jared creates intense and fun exercises and really motivates everyone to participate and enjoy themselves. Each class is different, so the work-outs never get boring. I've signed up automatic payments and intend to continue going to HIT FIT to reach my fitness goals!

    Jess B.
  • Best boot camp in town no questions asked. You can't beat the price for unlimited classes ($40 per month) or how great the instructors are. Jared is always able to modify workouts for me if I have an injury and classes are always dynamic and different. You get a full body work out in just 45 minutes, and within the first couple weeks of attending classes you'll notice a difference in your strength and cardio abilities. It's literally the best!

    Katie P.
  • I've been attending boot camp classes weekly for about 10 months now and I'm not bored yet.  Love it!  Each class is different and is a good mixture of cardio and strength training.  Great prices and plenty of class times too.

    O T.

What are you waiting for? Come and join us.

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